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29 Apr - 3 May
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In a shopper-led industry, retailers and suppliers have answered the needs of shoppers.  

To ensure sustainability, value promotions should ideally be positioned to ensure ROI for all three stakeholders, the shopper, the supplier and the retailer.


Trade Intelligence proudly partner with industry Business Intelligence Service Providers to stop the information gap, build the industry and inform effective and profitable retailer-supplier trading engagement.



The changing role of value promotions in a disrupted retail context

The purpose of this report is to enable stakeholders within the retail industry to understand the changing trends in value promotions to best position their offering to meet the shopper’s need for value. This report highlights considerations concerning the supplier, the retailer and the shopper as the key stakeholders within the retail system. 

The report also unpacks changes in retailers’ focus on value promotions and the promotional mechanics at play, in response to changes in shopper requirements and behaviour. Key insights relevant to suppliers are listed, with corresponding opportunities and considerations highlighted towards participation in value promotions.


Why Invest In This Report Content Framework
  • It provides a qualitative view on value promotions, including a stakeholder analysis highlighting the needs, pains and gains of the shopper, the retailer and the supplier
  • From the shopper perspective, insights are shared on the role of pre-shop planning, shopper missions and key purchase drivers in relation to value promotions, with select category insights 
  • Retailer snapshots reveal their approaches to value promotions in driving footfall and shopper loyalty
  • The report evaluates the potential opportunities and risks associated with investment into value promotions from a retailer and manufacturer perspective, and includes considerations for further exploration to optimise returns on such investment 
  • Value promotions landscape: The changing role of value promotions in the current retail context 
  • Shopper, retailer and supplier perspectives
  • Insights, considerations and recommendations for stakeholders within South African retail

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