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29 Apr - 3 May
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Liquor is an important part of many South Africans’ lifestyles and economic pressures, while forcing certain changes in drinking behaviours and choices, have not stemmed liquor purchases. Retailers seeking a greater share of this compelling market both in its own right and to complement their grocery offerings, are opening new stores as quickly as premises and liquor licences become available. Deep and extensive promotions are used to attract customers and fight for their liquor spend. 

– Trade Intelligence


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Top up your liquor knowledge with the latest liquor retail industry insights.

Tough economic conditions are impacting shoppers’ liquor-buying behaviour. Value has become a key consideration from premium to budget shoppers.

To ensure success, retailers must meet this need by stocking the liquor types, sizes and formats that offer value and affordability. The challenge though is balancing shopper satisfaction with making a profit in a highly competitive, promotions-driven market that is plagued by rising costs.