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17 Jan - 23 Jan
  • Shoprite In the red
    A grab-bag of goodies (and indeed baddies) from Shoprite this week. First up, the Big Red One has been fined a cool million for reckless lending, pert... More
  • Massmart In closing…
    Analysts – ourselves included – are rightly concerned about the impact of the coming closure of all 23 DionWired, and 11 Masscash stores on Massmart’s... More
  • Woolworths Down, under
    On the news last week of the resignation of Ian Moir as CEO of Woolies, the share price climbed a whopping 9.6%, reflecting the relief of punters who ... More
  • International Retailers The mysterious east
    We mentioned some time ago that Tesco was eager to unload its Asian assets; it may have found a buyer in Thailand. Big C Supercenter operates 1,200-so... More
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