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6 Sep - 12 Sep
  • Pick n Pay amaGlugGlug
    As with centralised distribution, Pick n Pay were not exactly early adopters when it came to loyalty programmes. However, their Smart Shopper programm... More
  • Woolworths Fix’er up
    So Woolies is packing its erstwhile CEO Ian “The Professional” Moir off to finish the contretemps he started Down Under with the purchase of David Jon... More
  • Choppies Chopping and changing
    Well the Choppies board has released those forensic reports and they are a doozy. We can’t reprint them here, of course, but they raise all manner of ... More
  • International Retailers What rough beast
    Spare a thought for retailers in the USA who are facing the prospect of $250bn worth of Trump-branded tariffs bearing down on them like an out-of-cont... More
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