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Getting personal with those who use your products

Buying and selling goods and services is ever changing in a world reshaped by Covid-19, eCommerce and supply chain challenges.

This environment creates opportunities for manufacturers who may need to look beyond the traditional route to market and their end customer.

In a challenging business landscape, Lightstone simplifies the complex. Just consider some of the new complexities we’ve recently faced – Covid-19 and the lockdowns changed human behaviour in so many ways – from where consumers shop, to how long they shop, and what their overall movement patterns are. Supply and demand are dynamic, and this increases the onus on companies serving products into the market. In the wider world, supply chains were disrupted as Covid-19 brought a halt to both production and distribution from the world’s major manufacturing hubs, principally China.

The pandemic also accelerated a shift to work-from-home, and this has led to many people relocating to smaller, mostly coastal towns.

Whatever new challenge this season brought you, it is important to bring data-driven solutions into your business planning. Lightstone’s Location Intelligence helps provide the insights you need, and more manufacturers are realising the potential to drive sales in specific geographies based on the rich data that is available. While retailers sometimes “push” products into a market using their knowledge and metrics, manufacturers are now able to “pull” end customers by accessing rich demographic data informed by Location Intelligence.

Mapping out where customers live and where they shop has become more important for manufacturers if they want to connect with their customers with greater degrees of accuracy.

Over the past decade, Lightstone’s expertise in the property industry has evolved to helping map supply chains within the geographies in which there is market potential. 

In effect, Lightstone takes a manufacturer behind the walls of houses and apartments to see who lives there – from age, race and sex to household income. This puts greater detail onto the landscape of supply and demand, and the journey in location intelligence can go deeper, including movement by day or night and much more.

Manufacturers can start accessing the power of Location Intelligence and the latest insights on neighbourhoods and retailers through Lightstone’s Footprint, a subscription-based tool. In addition to the rich data Footprint offers, Lightstone can also build bespoke solutions and models into the tool to predict the revenue potential of new locations and assess competitive activity in the area.

If you would like to explore how Location Intelligence can help your company capitalise, please contact Lightstone’s Location & Commerce team at

About Lightstone 

Business is complex. Making informed decisions shouldn’t be.

Established in 2005, Lightstone is part of the HL Hall & Sons Holding Group. Lightstone is the leader in providing information, valuations and solutions that enable better business decisions for Lenders, Financial Institutions, Banks, Fintechs, Insurers, Dealerships, Motor Body Repairers, Estate Agents, Brokers, Advisers, Valuers, Property Professionals, Municipalities, Commercial Experts and the Motoring industry all trust Lightstone for information solutions, all in one place.
Businesses and industries that need property and automotive information get:

  • Access to analytics and products to simplify processes, make informed decisions and solve business problems.
  • Intel with data solutions that create shared value
  • Solutions
  • that provide market and customer understanding to help manage risk and enhance decision making

With a team of about 300 skilled experts, Lightstone is constantly innovating to simplify your business processes and bring you rich property and automotive data and solutions. When you "Lightstone" it you can expect – solutions that help your business help your customers. To find out more, visit our website or connect with one of our property or auto experts on 

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