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29 Apr - 3 May
  • Shoprite Share alike
    For yonks now, Christo Wiese has exercised control over the Shoprite Group by wielding his special deferred shares, which carry more votes than ordinary shares... More
  • Clicks Privates on parade
    More on that growth in private label, which so intrigued us when we reported on the Click results last week. No-name brands, as they used to be called, have pla... More
  • Pick n Pay Burning down the house
    While we wait in anticipation for the arrival of the Pick n Pay results, a story that will leave Woolies relieved that its turn in the fish-shooting barrel appe... More
  • Unilever Skin deep
    Turns out that Dove’s Real Beauty campaign of several years ago was no flash in the pan. A new study by the brand shows that 71% of South African women don’t fe... More


It’s been another tough year for the FMCG industry. It seems like every component thereof has been under pressure, from supply chains to profit margins to cash-strapped shoppers. The grocery market ticks along, fuelled by humans’ basic requirement for food and other necessities of life, ...


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The FMCG retail landscape may seem like a simple world to navigate but it is almost impossible to get firsthand experience of all its nuances, so we need to acknowledge firstly that our personal experience or observations of FMCG retail aren’t necessarily representative of the whole landscape; secondly that things change rapidly in this dynamic industry.