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All the informaiton you need about the South African socio-economic and trading landscape to inform your annual company business plans

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Trading Context

Malls to Markets 2019/2020

A journey through the markets and classy shopping centres of Mzansi. A market pre-read for international business visitors and a brush up for local industry newcomers
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Trading Context

Know your PESTLEs

The State of teh Nation - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental

Monthly SA PESTLE report (subscriber)
Trading Context
Trading Context

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the passport to the FMCG industry to stop the information gap, build the industry and lift the businesses within it.
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Retail Trends

What’s shaping grocery retail in South Africa?


Build relevant and informed company  business plans

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Trading Context in the Tatler
24 Jan - 28 Jan
  • Shoprite In the red
    A grab-bag of goodies (and indeed baddies) from Shoprite this week. First up, the Big Red One has been fined a cool million for reckless lending, pert... More
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