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Fresh foods need extra care when moving from farm to table. For retailers and consumers, Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs), offered by CHEP, offer superior fresh food protection and are the best choice for packing, transporting, and displaying fresh foods. By using our containers, your supply chain is freed from single-use cardboard packaging, its negative effects on the environment, and the expense of cardboard disposal.

CHEP, a leader in pooling solutions, has developed a circular sharing model that provides the reuse and rotation of containers nationally and this extends to our global network. We are proud to work closely with growers, retailers, and wholesalers to provide the safe transport of their fresh produce.

Reusable plastic containers are the leading choice for growers and retailers looking to enhance their operational effectiveness. RPCs can move a variety of perishable commodities limiting bruising, potential humidity, additional handling, and damage. Their uniform size and robust, sturdy, and interlocking design increase supply chain efficiency.

RPCs provide better protection from potential damage during transportation and can be used time and time again. The RPCs are optimised to support the movement of produce and come in a variety of sizes to match your storage and distribution needs in and out of season.

What sets CHEP RPCs apart from the rest:

  • Advanced washing & and drying technology protocols to ensure a consistent and excellent hygiene standard
  • 100% recyclable highlighting our sustainability credentials
  • Robust compared to cardboard boxes
  • Can be stored flat to optimise storage during transportation
  • Foldable properties offer optimum space utilisation resulting in,
  • Supply chain cost savings

Our share and reuse RPCs are washed and dried at automatic washing plants located in various regional service centres, with BRCGS certification. In any sector, choosing the right equipment for your business helps you unlock sustainability and supply chain efficiencies.

Discover our range of RPCs that can help you unlock greater cost savings, and better quality, deliver fresher produce, as well as eliminate waste from cardboard and polystyrene.

Find out how CHEP's size, footprint, and synergies can save you time and money today.

About CHEP

CHEP helps move more goods to more people, in more places than any other organisation on Earth. Its pallets, crates, and containers form the invisible backbone of the global supply chain and the world’s biggest brands trust CHEP to help them transport their goods more efficiently, sustainably, and safely. As pioneers of the sharing economy, CHEP created one of the world's most sustainable logistics businesses through the share and reuse of its platforms under a model known as ‘pooling’. CHEP primarily serves the fast-moving consumer goods (e.g., dry food, grocery, and health and personal care), fresh produce, beverage, retail, and general manufacturing industries. CHEP employs approximately 11,000 people and believes in the power of collective intelligence through diversity, inclusion, and teamwork. CHEP owns approximately 345 million pallets, crates, and containers through a network of more than 750 service centres, supporting more than 500,000 customer touchpoints for global brands such as Procter & Gamble, Sysco, and Nestlé. CHEP is part of the Brambles Group and operates in approximately 60 countries with its largest operations in North America and Western Europe. For more information on CHEP, visit

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