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At a time of crisis, the FMCG community has a unique role in ensuring that society, as we know it, continues to function. We have often remarked that our sector is the customer-facing side of an economy, and right now, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our supply chain is functioning, that our shelves are replenished, and that our customers and staff are kept as safe and healthy as possible. We also need to model humanity and a sense of calm, and to encourage these attitudes in consumers – as Pick n Pay are doing, for example (see below). We should look for ways as a community to collaborate and come together in service of our customers rather than using the situation exclusively to our own competitive benefit.

We should also acknowledge that with this outbreak, it’s not business as usual, and in fact might never be – when this pandemic passes, as it will, some things might be better, but everything will have changed. After a shock to the system like this, shoppers will be shopping differently, prioritising new categories, and exercising greater discernment in others. Changes we make in response to this emergency will have ramifications for how we do business in the years and even decades ahead. As always, those of us who invest now in resilience will succeed in better days.

Information is critical at a time like this. Part of our role as Trade Intelligence is as a producer and channel of information. We place resources such as our website, our mailing list and the ‘Trade Tatler’ at the disposal of the industry every day – but particularly now in this time of crisis. If there’s anything you need to say to your trading partners and the industry at large during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Hang together, and enjoy the read.




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“After all it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic.”

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