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E-commerce numbers may still be relatively small, but if your customers expect to find you online, you need to be available online. See it as a cost of doing business for now if you must, but investment now should bear fruit in the medium to long term as e-commerce continues to build momentum locally.

Why should you be thinking about e-commerce right now? What should you be thinking?

We’re all sick to death of the breathless hyperbole used to describe the trajectory of e-commerce growth in South Africa lately – incredible, explosive, exponential, etc. - but it is real. The pundits have declared the tipping point to have arrived, and possibly to have passed already. 

The evidence locally points to the enthusiastic adoption of online shopping. We are seeing it in the numbers, in the investment that local stakeholders are making, and in the intentions of the shoppers themselves – 80% of those already doing some shopping online plan to do more in the future.


Why invest In This Report Content framework
  • Unpack and understand key e-commerce concepts
  • Review the impact of COVID-19 on shoppers and retailers
  • Be inspired by the latest e-commerce trends around the world
  • Gain insight into key players locally and internationally
  • Find out how local online shoppers think, feel and shop
  • Fast, easy access to a ready-to-use insight and image-rich report

Implications and opportunities for suppliers and retailers are highlighted throughout the report.

The report provides:

  • Market context – market and category sizes and penetrations around the world and locally

  • International best practice and trends across the five key elements of the shopper’s e-commerce journey and how these apply to the South African retail environment

  • A review of the local landscape and its key players

  • Retailer and stakeholder feedback, based on in-depth interviews

  • Shopper feedback, based on the responses of 993 South African online shoppers

For more information or to order your report, please contact us on +27 (0) 31 303 2803 or