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Why Invest

The Brief

M4Jam was approached by a leading South African medical aid scheme to conduct market research to inform on potential for an innovative digital medical voucher product in the domestic market.

The task was to test the market and provide accurate feedback to the medical aid’s product development team in the third quarter of 2020.

The Problem Statement

In a country with a digital divide as deep and pervasive as its socioeconomic inequalities suggest, the medical aid scheme required specifi c market analytics across employment, income, race and gender groupings to assess a number of factors important to the development of the new product targeted at particular groups of the population:

  • Means and ease of access to healthcare services
  • Use of private doctors
  • Means and ease of access to medicines
  • Use of government clinic nurse services
  • Willingness to engage in virtual general practitioner access/telemedicine
  • Reactions to pricing structures of a virtual medical voucher product

M4Jam's Proposition

Given M4Jam’s access to a network of jobbers across South Africa, a digital survey could be run quickly and effi ciently over the platform, representing the target market: aged 18-50, South African, any employment category, income range up to R30 000 per month, all races and both genders. That the product was to be a digital medical voucher and required a certain level of comfort with using mobile technology made M4Jam’s platform the ideal fit.

Download the full survey HERE