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The industry events you need to know about to trade and engage in the South African FMCG industry.

Liquor report - Shifts in the South African liquor category

A deep dive into shopper behaviour and retailers' response to this changing category

November 2021


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SA FMCG Market Size Report -A growing market amidst uncertainty

To pursue growth opportunities within this dynamic market, it is of fundamental importance to have a view of the relative sizes of the different sectors, as well the key factors contributing to their growth.

November 2021

Customer Business Planning - Build informed customer-centric business plans

Kickstart your annual business / commercial planning calendar with the right data, ...

Bespoke team workshop - contact 

Channel Architecture Report - A complex and evolving trading environment

Delve into these key shifts with Trade Intelligence’s Channel Architecture report, developed by engaging with key role players in the retail industry 

November 2021