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Snack Attack: Generational Snacking Trends

It’s not new news that the majority of U.S. consumers snack. However, different generations snack differently, and they are increasingly looking for their snacks to be more functional. Whether it is the growing importance of “beauty” snacks, such as those containing collagen, or the emergence of CBD oil or lab-grown protein snacks, snacking is evolving as generations grow and change.

And, as diets are changing and consumers are focusing more on holistic health, IRI is seeing specific changes in consumer attitudes towards snacking and their snack consumption.

Join IRI snacking expert Sally Lyons Wyatt to hear the latest trends and how you can tap into the numerous growth opportunities in snacking.

Attendees will learn:

  • How the different generations are snacking
  • The impact of packaging, channel, flavor and assortment on snacking trends
  • The ways in which macro trends around convenience, health, and functions are impacting innovation

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