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Private label is prevalant and continues to grow aggressively in South Africa and is expected to take significant market share from retail sales within +5 years. Retailers therefore have little choice but to play a role!


South African Private Label Report Set –
A category in the throes of evolution

In the increasingly strained South African trading context where limited topline growth and squeeze on margin is the norm, private label – a cornerstone of most successful retailer strategies – is receiving unprecedented focus, growing exponentially in South Africa, across both corporate and independent retailer portfolios.

Expected to take significant share from the major national brands over the next five years, product innovation, product quality, consumer demand for value and the development of a compelling brand story are the major factors that will underpin this growth.

The SA Retail Private Label Report set provides you with insights into global trends and a comparative view of private label trends and developments across the SA retailers.

Corporate Front Shop Pharmacy

Formal Independent Wholesale & Retail

Benefits of this report

  • Gain insight into the key drivers shaping South African private label strategy and growth imperatives
  • Identify the retailer responses designed to effect a transition from ‘market imitator’ to ‘category disruptor’
  • Understand the role, contribution and impact of private label across the key SA FMCG retail players
  • Consider how you can align for growth
  • Fast and easy access to a ready-to-use insight and image-rich PPT report


  • Growth in private label – A global and local view
  • The macro and micro trends influencing the growth of private label
  • The challenges and risks, benefits and opportunities of private label to manufacturers
  • A snapshot view by retailer private label strategy, contribution, intentions
  • Part 1: Retailer trends and developments
    - approx. 25 pages
  • Part 2: Snapshot view by retailer
    - approx. 7 to 10 pages per retail format
Retailers profiled  
  • Gain insight into how these key players are both influencing and reacting to the trends driving private label
    - Shoprite 
    - Checkers
    - Usave
    - Pick n Pay
    - Boxer
    - SPAR
    - Massmart
    - Makro
    - Game
    - Masscash Retail


    - Masscash Wholesale
    - BEC
    - EST Africa
    - ICC Buying Group
    - UMS
    - Clicks
    - Dis-Chem