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Formal Independent Wholesale and Retail


The resurgence of the independent retail trade and the businesse, like Elite Star, which serve them, is one of the great South African business successes of recent years...

Business Overview

Elite Star Trading Africa (EST Africa) is an independent buying group formed in 2007 through an amalgamation of the Devland Cash & Carry, Yarona Cash & Carry and Hikma trading operations, together with Managing Director, Louis Greeff. The Group Holdi...

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Org Structure

EST Africa Trade Profiles

The following report sets are designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and status quo information you need to trade and engage with the EST Africa business.

EST Africa Retailer Snapshots


EST Africa Executive Summary Report

The following report sets are designed to provide C-suite decision-makers and functional teams with a strategic overview of the EST Africa business, needed to inform your annual business plans, and in so doing, cement your trading partnership with EST Africa.