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Corporate Retail


The continued growth of the Boxer brand and increase in-store footprint enabled the discounter to provide even more South Africans with great value in a highly competitive corporate South African food and grocery market...

Business Overview

Boxer Superstores is a South African based limited-range discount supermarket, in the Food and Drug Retailing sector. Established in April 1977, in KwaZulu-Natal, as KwaZulu Cash ‘n Carry, a conventional wholesaler, trading in essential commodit...

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Org Structure

Boxer Trade Profiles

The following report sets are designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and status quo information you need to trade and engage with the Boxer business.

Boxer Retailer Snapshots

Boxer Executive Summary Report

The following report sets are designed to provide C-suite decision-makers and functional teams with a strategic overview of the Boxer business, needed to inform your annual business plans, and in so doing, cement your trading partnership with Boxer.

Strategy & Supplier Opportunity Analysis