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E-commerce is more than just another sales channel

While supermarkets are still the main destination for grocery shopping, online sales are booming in Europe, with double-digit growth in Italy and Spain, and dynamic performances in France and Germany. Sales of food and personal care are particularly strong for e-commerce, and are set to jump +54% in the next five years.

The FMCG market is ripe for further disruption online, with new partnerships forming and new distribution opportunities emerging. To learn more, read this IRI Point of View report.

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IRI E-Commerce

IRI E-Commerce is the only solution, based on census EPOS data of participating retailers, that provides the most accurate read of the online shopping for grocery, including pure players like Amazon. Combined with the brick and mortar market read, IRI provides FMCG manufacturers and marketers the most comprehensive and granular omnichannel data view and measurement to uncover actionable insights that drive growth online and in-store. Learn more


E-Commerce in FMCG

Rise of online contribution to grocery sales

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