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IRI Media Profilers Application helps brands easily and accurately measure their digital campaigns’ ROI

The media that brands are currently investing in is changing rapidly, creating uncertainty in the advertising space and making it harder to prove the impact of media on brand sales. TV still represents a much larger proportion of media spend compared to digital, and this makes understanding the impact of digital harder and limits brands preparation for a more dynamic media market. Since brands are increasingly requiring more efficiency in their media spend and proven impact on every investment, IRI® is launching the IRI Media Profilers Application, an automated on-demand platform to help FMCG brands, their media agencies and media owners to easily, quickly and accurately isolate and measure the effects of their media campaigns in the market.

Carl Carter, Head of Marketing Strategy & Effectiveness, for IRI UK, comments: “The way we shop today is constantly changing and, as a result, brands must keep up with this changing consumer behaviour at speed. This means measuring, analysing and adapting their media campaigns and marketing activity accordingly, often on the fly. With budgets stretched across multiple activities, marketers and brand managers cannot afford to waste money on campaigns that fail to drive sales and deliver ROI for the business.”

IRI Media Profilers Application is an automated, on-demand platform which provides access to accurate analyses based on store-level data. The application enables marketers to save test scenarios and run them again weekly, monthly, or over a longer period to see if campaigns are having more or less impact and how they are impacting sales and delivering a return on investment.

The application is targeted at both large brands and small or emerging brands that want to either measure on the spot digital campaign impact or to do small scale “test and learn” campaigns before implementing costly, large-scale or national roll-outs. Ideal for measuring and optimising local spot buys, digital, social, or digital out of home.

Requiring no technology integration or complicated set-up, FMCG manufacturers and retailers have access to an easy to use web user interface, which provides an intuitive workflow to configure their campaign, products, brands and category, including store set-up and analysis in a four-step process.

“The successful roll-out of a media and marketing campaign requires full understanding of the business issues, along with access to granular store-level data,” continued Carter. “Too often companies make decisions based on inaccurate data and poorly tested scenarios. IRI provides unprecedented levels of visibility, combined with a unique knowledge and insight into the FMCG market, all underpinned by our always-on, fast, accurate and reliable technology platform.”

IRI Media Profilers Application will be part of the Innovation Showcase at IRI’s International Growth Summit on 8-10th July 2019 in London, featuring cutting-edge solutions and proven technology. It will offer Summit delegates a chance to meet IRI’s product experts and partners and to see live action demos of each solution.

For more information on the IRI Growth Summit in July please visit:

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IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help FMCG, OTC healthcare, retailers and media companies to grow. With the largest repository of purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data, all integrated on an on-demand cloud-based technology platform, IRI guides over 5,000 clients globally in their quests to remain relentlessly relevant, capture market share, connect with consumers and deliver growth.



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