Effective Customer Contact - Selling Skills

The interactive and practical nature of the programme will give delegates the insights and skils required to improve their selling skills, as well as put into practice their learnings through the role plays during the course of the programme.
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  • Role and purpose of effective customer contact
    - An introduction to key account management and its role in the FMCG market – how have things changed
    - An outline of the typical roles and responsibilities of customer facing people
  • Selling skills required for effective sales
  • Role plays – putting skills into practice


  • To give delegates a clear view of what effective strategic customer contact involves
  • To demonstrate the Selling Skills required for effective customer contact
  • Role Plays - To give delegates a chance to practice the skills learnt


  • An understanding of the skills required for effective customer contact
    - How customer contact has evolved

  • Skills required for an effective sales meeting

  • Gain confidence to make ‘the perfect call’

  • Interface more effectively with customers

  • Improve long term relationships with customers

Who should attend?

This programme is suitable for Sales teams (Regional and Field Managers) and new entrants into a Key Account Management role.


  • 1 full day in workroom - Part 2 of Effective Customer Contact
  • Retail Analyst facilitated
  • 6 to 12 delegates per group due to role plays