Introduction to SA FMCG Industry

 A comprehensive introduction to the Consumer Goods Retail and Retailers*.

The foundational knowledge required for new entrants to the industry to effectively trade and engage with South Africa’s major FMCG retailers.
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What can delegates expect?

  • The SA food and grocery trading context
    -Introduction to the SA food and grocery retail market, shifting channel dynamics and retail trends
    -Impact of economic and social factors on shopper buying behaviour
    -Comparative performance across the majors
  • Discussion by Retail* Group

    -History & Organisational structure

    -Brand positioning

    -Store numbers and growth

    -Financial performance overview

    -Strategic focus areas

    -Shopper Marketing activities

    -What’s going on in-store

    -SWOT exercise

The workshop covers 5 retailers to be selected by the client
Corporate Retail
Wholesale / Hybrid / Route-to-Market
Corporate Front Shop Pharmacy


  • To give delegates the critical contextual understanding required to work effectively in the South African Consumer Goods Retail sector. The industry on-boarding programme
  • To provide the knowledge and intelligence delegates require to effectively trade and engage with South Africa’s major FMCG retailers*
  • Know and understand how to effectively close the feedback loop in terms of the Customer/Sales team


  • Know the SA food and grocery retail industry, the players, the channel structure, routes-to-market and growth dynamics

  • Understand the PESTLE factor impact on shopper behavior and as a result retail strategy

  • Gain knowledge of comparative performance across the majors - Who is winning? Who is losing?

  • Understand the foundational principles of retailer-supplier engagement and how to leverage the opportunities that these present for your business

  • Understand your Retail Customer’s business. Their challenges, the opportunities they present to you, and the knowledge and intelligence required to effectively trade and engage

Who should attend?

  • Graduates, new entrants to the industry and non-customer facing staff
  • National / Key Account Managers
  • Shopper & Customer Marketers
  • Field Operations Managers


  • One day per channel
  • In-class room

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